Power Quality & Audit

Power Quality & Audit

Specialized Infrastructure Services

We are offering State-Of-The-Art Specialized Infrastructure Services in India backed by Industry Certified Professionals , advanced world class instruments and ISO 9001 certified Business Process along with IEEE international Guidelines. We are also Bureau of Energy Efficiency Certified Energy Service Company.

We have proven experience in IT, Data Centre, Process Industry, Hospital Industry, Infrastructure Services, IR Thermography, Power Quality Audit, EMI/EMC & Grounding Audit and Energy Efficiency Audit etc. We are immensely successful in Infrastructure Solutions to high growth segments like IT Enabled Services, BPOs, Hospitality, Manufacturing and Data Centers. A brief description about our various infrastructure services is given below.

IR Thermography Services:

Ganpati Electricals (P) Ltd. conducts Infra Red Thermography Health-Checks using a digital IR Thermography Camera from the world leader Testo, Europe. This captures the hot spots in the electrical distribution system and other control equipments like motors and server racks etc. Such checks analyze the condition of all electrical terminations in the critical facility area like Data Centre and detect air leaks and temperature variations. Our consultants conduct a thorough survey of the target area / equipment, gather IR photos and conduct physical examination. The unique Thermography Health-Check Service is intended to provide a proactive guidance for maintaining the electrical infrastructure and equipment under survey to improve reliability and prevent unplanned downtime. With the gathered site data, we develop a comprehensive analysis report. This report gives also the recommendations and the necessary corrective actions to help you manage your facilities for desired performance, extend the life and reliability of your infrastructure-hardware, and ensure the optimum level of system availability. IR Thermography Health-Check Service is available to you as a standalone service or integrated into a regular maintenance program.

Power Quality Audit Services:

Ganpati Electricals (P) Ltd. offers you specialized power quality audit & investigative services based on IEEE Power Quality Monitoring Practices and include the following main power quality parameters.

  • Voltage
  • Frequency
  • Total harmonics distortion voltage & current
  • Power factor
  • Load current
  • Active power KW
  • Reactive power KVAr
  • Apparent power KVA
  • Neutral current
  • Surge, swell
  • Sag and frequency deviation
  • High voltage transient impulses
  • Flicker level
  • Crest factor
  • Phase voltage unbalance
  • Displacement factor
  • Neutral to ground potential

We validate the quality of power from UPS, Servo Voltage Stabilizer, SVR and DG sets and also verify installation of Active Lightning Arresters and Surge Arresters at appropriate points in the facility to ensure protection of sensitive Electronics from Class B & Class C surges.

The standards and practices include IEEE 1100, Std 142, Std 399-1997, Std 241-1990, Std 1159-1995, IEC 61558, IEC61643, EN61000, EN-60730, EN-61008,

Grounding Audit Services:

Our Grounding Audit Services cover IT Facilities, Data Centers, Manufacturing Units, Hotels, Hospitals, Research Laboratories and Commercial Buildings. We measure the following parameters. /p>

  • Ground leakage current
  • Physical inspection of grounding pits, joints and electrodes
  • Ground pit resistance
  • Grounding conductors & code compliance
  • Equipotential bonding between all the grounding pits in the facility
  • System neutral grounding
  • Communication equipment signal reference grounding verification
  • Digital photographs and walk-through.

We follow best possible practices and the standards prescribed by EIA/TIA -942, EIA/TIA J- 607A, IEEE, STD 142-1991, EIA/TIA-569, IS3043-1987.

EMI Audit Services

Our special EMI Audit services include

  • Measurement of stray electric and magnetic fields
  • Cause of such stray fields and possible rearrangement at site
  • Walk-through and ESD measurements
  • Compliance to ESD practices including flooring
  • Wristbands and ESD grounding

We follow international standards like EN61000-4-3 EN55022 EN61000-4-8 IEEE Std 644- 1994 EN 61000 4-2 for our advanced EMI Audits with the calibrated test equipment.

Energy Efficiency Audit Services

Electrical Energy Audit is the key to a systematic approach for decision-making in the area of Electrical Energy Management. It helps in the judicious and effective use of energy to maximize profits (by fixing leaks, using energy saving equipments to reduce cost) and enhance competitive position. With rising costs of electricity, proactive energy management is becoming these days a necessity almost everywhere. Add to that the environmental benefits from such a focus, for example the reduction in carbon emissions and the limiting of environmental impact. Ganpati Electricals (P) Ltd. can help you in achieving all this and meet your targets. We follow Bureau of Energy Efficiency Guidelines for carrying our audits of IT-enabled Services, Data Centers and commercial buildings etc.

We assist our valued customers in reducing their electricity bills by identifying energy saving areas, selecting right sized electric panels depending on their expected loads, properly managing chiller, air conditioning and lighting operations, and deploying electrical energy saving devices.

Why US?

By doing business with us you will get the feel of high quality, almost immediate response, attention to detailing, flexibility, and a timely execution of work each time. Apart from being a process driven organization having strictest benchmarks of world-class quality systems, we comply with local and International standards from IEEE. Our people are highly professional, industry certified and responsive to your needs.

We as an organization always help our valued customers to derive maximum benefits by extending our expert services and making mission critical facilities fault tolerant and well maintained.