Rodent Repellent System

Rodent repellent system is an intelligent system which helps in keeping the rodent away from the protected area with high frequency ultrasonic sounds. The powerful sound waves generated by the transducers of repellers are within the hearing range of many pests and cause them pain and discomfort. Sometimes they will leave the area being protected immediately, in other cases it will take as long as two to three weeks before significant reduction in infestation occurs.

A vast array of devices that operate above the human-hearing frequency range have been manufactured and marketed as electronic pest control “tools” that can prevent rodent invasions, repel rodents in existing infestations, or enhance conventional rodent control by influencing rodent movements to improve efficacy in an “integrated” approach. Almost all applications recommended for ultrasonic rodent control devices are in structures (e.g., homes, businesses, warehouses). Since the devices are practically inaudible to humans with their output frequencies above the 20-KHz rangeto guard against rodent problems with no annoying noises in the home or workplace. Most devices generate ultrasonic output in the 70-140 dB range of intensity as measured 12 inches (30.5 cm) from the transducer.

Area of Effectiveness:

A single unit will protect an area of 300 sq.ft. in the work place or cabin. In the areas of the false ceiling / flooring the additional transducer will protect an area of 150 sq. ft. Under difficult conditions, the size of the area can be considerably less. The type of structure, contents and partitions may limit the area of effectiveness. Since the areas that should be protected are those where food and water are present or the point where the pests enter the area it is usually necessary to protect more than one area in the average place. Important considerations are the cleanliness of the area, the means of entry for pests (easy or difficulty), protection of food present in the area, and the availability of alternate source of food and water.